We’re delighted to reveal our first sponsorship deal with Ladbrokes.

We believe that this deal will help us grow and expand The Villa View to become even bigger and better. If you’d told me we’d be backed by Ladbrokes in 15 months when I started the channel back in December 2015, I’d never have believed you.

I think it’s testament to what we’ve achieved so far and as mentioned, I hope this can take us to the next level.


Earlier today we uploaded a video to explain the deal in more detail which you can see here:



In the video we said that we’d not take a penny of the money from this deal for our personal gain. We make these decisions with the channel’s best interests in mind and ultimately, if you enjoy what we do as a channel, this can only be good news.

Essentially nothing changes in terms of content, we always try and make the best video we can at that time and try to make content we’d enjoy watching and hope that enthusiasm rubs off onto you too.

We can’t promise you’ll notice immediate improvements straight away but overtime you’ll see The Villa View grow bigger and better.

I’ll end this post by thanking you for your incredible support, without you watching our content, we’d not be in a position to work with companies like Ladbrokes in the first place. I hope that you’ll continue to stick with us, enjoy our videos as you have done for the last 15 months and join us on this journey in the next 15 months and beyond.

Thank you.

The Villa View is proudly backed by Ladbrokes. For the best odds click here: http://po.st/VillaViewLadbrokes