The Villa View was founded in December 2015 by Daniel Rolinson. The first step was to find a fan to present the upcoming videos which is where Matt Lynch came into it. Matt was asked if he'd be interested in getting on board with the project and jumped at the chance to front our content. This was at a time when Aston Villa were having a tough time - to put it lightly. There was no spending in January and we were on course to be relegated from the Premier League, hardly the perfect time to start a fan channel.

However with the help of other Villa fan pages we were given the support to start the channel with the aim of sharing and gathering opinions of the Villa fans. At such a tough time we felt that fans deserved a platform to speak out about the club so the idea of Fan Cams was born. 

We ticked over until the end of the season doing Fan Cams as we were relegated in May 2016. Up until this point we had uploaded 11 videos in 5 months. Making videos for the channel was something we enjoyed but we knew we had to step it up to "take it to the next level"

Dan Bardell joined The Villa View team in May after our relegation from the Premier League. We knew that to make the videos better we needed a regular second opinion, somebody for Matt to bounce ideas off and have conversations about Villa, rather than just talking into a camera. We used the the time leading up to and including pre season to test new ideas and work out what The Villa View was going to be for the 16/17 season.

Which takes us up to current day, as you're reading this now on our new website, the next step in us growing The Villa View. We'd hoped that this season would be a lot better on the pitch than it's turned out to be and we could make positive content on a regular basis. On the pitch this season has been a total disaster but we feel the past 6 months for our channel have been great.

We hosted a match at Villa Park allowing 25+ subscribers the chance to come and play with us. We've gained a following of over 7000 subscribers in our time on YouTube. We've interviewed Villa legends, John Gregory, Brian Little and Ian Taylor - chatting with them about their time at our beloved club. We've also received a huge amount of support along the way. It's fantastic that those who watch our videos enjoy them so much and that means a lot to us - without the support the channel gets, those opportunities I just listed simply do not happen.

We aim to keep going and keep pushing on and improving what we do, ensuring that we continue making content we enjoy. If we enjoy creating content it shows. If we're not enjoying it, you'll be able to tell. So, as long as we continue to love making content for The Villa View and you keep watching - we're going to keep trying to grow the channel. 

Below you'll be able to find out a bit more about us personally including our social media profiles in which you can come and say hello.



Daniel Rolinson | Founder & Editor


Creating The Villa View at the back end of 2015 allowed to me to combine 2 passions, Aston Villa and making videos. It was never my intention to front the videos but being creative and working behind the scenes is something I enjoy massively.

I'm extremely proud of what I've been able to create alongside Matt and Dan. I find myself having a new favourite video we've made every few weeks at the moment, however my favourite has to be interviewing Ian Taylor. The shoot couldn't have gone much better and it was an absolute pleasure to chat with Ian about his time with the club.

We've got plenty more projects in the coming weeks and months ahead that we're excited to make and we hope that you continue to enjoy what we do.


Matt Lynch | Presenter 


 I've been an Aston Villa fan for my whole life and when the opportunity came around to merge my two passions of Aston Villa and Broadcasting I jumped at the opportunity. From an early age I have blogged about the Villans for numerous sites and now leading the biggest Aston Villa fan channel is an honour. 

The first year has been a rollercoaster that continues to fly at an incredible rate of knots. I am forever thankful for the support the subscribers have given us and we simply wouldn't be where we are today without the help of everyone. 

It's surreal how far we have come and to have interviewed legends such as Ian Taylor, John Gregory and played at Villa Park is simply incredible and I never expected any of that one year ago despite believing we could go somewhere with it. 

Dan Bardell | Presenter


 I joined the team in the summer of 2016, a big transfer window signing for the lads. I’d fancied getting involved for a while, and I like to think I’ve helped with the growth of the channel.

Cannot really describe what it’s been like being part of The Villa View. Surreal is probably the correct word. The fact that people are now genuinely interested in what I think about goings on at the Club and that they want to see videos on it still feels bizarre!

Highlights so far are obviously spending time with the likes of Ian Taylor and John Gregory. Heroes of mine growing up. Also the fact that we invited 28 subscribers to join us for a game at Villa Park will stay with me forever.